Documents required for client registration

Before activating a client account, we need you to provide us with documents to verify your identity and residence.

POI –  Verification of the client's identity

A copy of one of the following identification documents 

  • Passport - double page with photo (MRZ / Machine readable zone - lines clearly visible)

  • ID card - both sides (MRZ / Machine readable zone - lines clearly visible)

  • Driver's license - both sides

The copy must include:

  • Name and surname

  • Date of birth

  • Date of expiration, must be valid

* The address on the OP does not have to be the same as the address given during registration

POR – Overenie bydliska klienta

Účelom overenia bydliska je získať adresu, kde sa klient zvyčajne zdržuje, táto adresa sa nemusí zhodovať s adresou trvalého bydliska. Preto je potrebná napríklad faktúra za dodanie služieb (elektrina, plyn, voda), pretože predpokladom je, že tam kde platí poplatky za energie, sa aj zdržiava.

 We require a copy of one of the following documents:

  • Bill or invoice for utilities: electricity, gas, water, garbage,

  •  Internet invoice 

  • Landline invoice

  • Statement (bank or credit card)

  • Lease agreement or lease account

  • State certificate of residence

  • Mortgage loan

  • Official letter (police, embassy, municipal office, tax document, ballot paper, document from the state social insurance company)

The copy must include:

  • Name and surname

  • Address

  • Date

These documents will not be accepted

  • Insurance (Aegon, Trust, vehicle insurance, etc.)

  • Invoice for mobile services

  • Handwritten documents

Other documents

If the client lives with his family and cannot send a residence permit on his behalf, we will invite him to send other documents from a family member (mother, father, wife, husband).

  • POI- Client identity verification

  • POI- Verification of the client's residence 

  • in the case of a wife/husband, a marriage certificate is required

  • in the case of parents (mother / father), the client's birth certificate is required

Company account 

If the client lives with his family and cannot send proof of residence on his behalf, we will ask him to send the following documents from a family member (mother, father, wife, husband):

  • Company number in the register

  • Registered company name and business name (if different from the registered name) 

  • Registered office and place of business, if different from the registered office

  • Members of the board of directors, managers or other individuals who are authorized to act on behalf of the company

  • The company's decision to appoint a representative who is authorized to access the account

  • Company decision to open an account

  • List of end-users of benefits other than publicly traded companies that are located on a European regulated market or a third market with equivalent disclosure and transparency requirements

  • List of registered owners who act as representatives of the company's (nominee) owners

Originals or certified copies of all documents proving the required facts must be delivered.

Documents to prove

  • List from business registration

  • Memorandum of Association

  • statutes

  • Social contract

  • Company decision form on the appointment of a representatives who are authorized to access the account (Appendix No.1)

  • Company decision opening form (Appendix No. 2) 

  • In case the registered owner acts as a nominee of the ultimate owners, it is necessary to:

  • Copy of the trust agreement

  • POI and POR of the following persons:

A representative who is authorized to access the account

  • Ultimate owners

  • Owners' representative

We are also available at +357 25 054 734

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Warning of risks: Financial differential contracts are complex instruments and are associated with a high risk of rapid financial losses due to leverage. In 25% accounts of retail investors, there are financial losses when trading financial difference contracts with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how financial differential contracts work and whether you can afford to take a high risk of incurring financial losses. Please read the Risk Warning